I have just started taking QBank questions (I just finished all the CFAI Level 1 readings) and am wondering what kind of score I should be. 1 Answer. Guzman Safon, studied at CFA Institute. Answered Jun 12, ยท Author has k answers and m answer views. The Qbank is a product of. PrepSmarter, It’s the best platform for Practice with over + CFA level 1 question with the No – Just preparing from QBank is not enough for clearing L1.

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CFA Practice Questions | Wall Street Oasis

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I like the q-bank because it is really efficient, you have question in front of you and you try to work it out then click a button so you can see the answer and the explanation without having to flip back and forth through an answer key or something. My approach for studying was 1 skim the notes for 2 months, 2 3 weeks of Qbank pounding, and 3 take a week off work and do a full-length CFAI mock on each of the 5days before the exam.

Mar 14, – 4: Please click the verification link in your email to activate your newsletter subscription. How much did your qbank scores improve over time? Unfortunately, you can’t wind back the clock. For level 1 I put in a lot of time, mainly because I hadn’t taken any related courses while I was in college.

On a side note, just how much worse is level 2 than 1? Ethics has about questions.

Elan’s is said to be the harder of the two. However, based on that pass rates for the three CFA exams, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re the exception, and that most candidates could use additional preparation.

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It appears many people buy the qbank but do not know how to effectively use it. Hello, I have 3 months or so left but I am trying to strategize for the last two months of study with either Qbank or CFAI practice exams. This is true for Level 1. Schweser, though it would have made more fiscal sense to buy the package a few months ago.

Best to worst 1. In particular, that you can’t focus your testing to individual readings outside of the end of chapter problems, and that the questions tend to be either easy versions of test problems, or test problems. Your strategy is quite impressive about using the Qbank and I am gonna follow the same path. Get the latest career advice and insight from eFinancialCareers straight to your inbox.

We’re not guaranteeing it will work. Mar 19, – 7: See you on the other side! You need to start testing yourself on proper mock exam papers. I say save your time and grab a q bank from Schweser, Allen or which ever one you fancy. I agree that the one study session with pensions, multinationals, etc.

Changes to curriculum 2017

Mike, thanks for posting this! No thanks, I don’t want to increase my probability of passing. Only problem is sometimes the Qbank goes well in excess and you get stuck on a LOS as instead of 5 questions that particular LOS might have You will improve, keep doing them and when you get something wrong make sure you get it before moving on, unless its Alts or something really small.

Remaining Schweser questions in the book. Upcoming Events See all Nov. I passed level 1 last June, and while it took a lot of prep, I never thought it was terribly hard. Saturday evening may involve you lying in bed. Edit – closed my browser and tried again – this time it worked!

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Do pay attention to the examples in the text, memorize the methodology.

I am a level 1 candidate. Submit a new text post.

Schweser Q bank allows you to generate quizzes based on 18 study sessions and you can change the level of question difficulty under advanced options. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

That will give you an approximate answer, or at least as good an answer as anyone on here can give you.

This is relatively straight forward, you enter in your question, the answer options, then the result that comes from the user selecting a given option. But, this isn’t the only way you can build a quiz, and for all of you Excel jockies, there’s a much easier way in my opinion at least. Mar 5, – Cannot load job sectors at this time.

Schweser Mock Exams 3. Hedge Fund Interview Questions. Mar 18, – 9: Welcome to Reddit, the lvel page of the internet. You’ll also be exhausted. You add questions sequentially, then when you’re done entering questions, click “Make Quiz” and a quiz is generated. Lvel sure you all know your ethics!!

I think this is a good repository for them, however, this is subject to change. My advice and it worked for me – Stop worrying about piddly stuff and start studying.

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