12 Oct The Active Report Cookbook is a good place to start: developerworks/data/library/cognos/reporting/active_report/page 22 Oct cognos_specific/pagehtml. A must read for Active Reports. For introductory information please refer to the IBM Cognos Active Report section of the IBM Cognos Report Studio User Guide located under the Author and.

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This will prevent the reporting application from becoming unnecessarily large. Stay up to date with what’s important in software engineering today. As a result, existing reports can be converted into interactive reporting applications with a single click.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition

Each user will consume a reporting application that contains only the data that they are authorized to view. The following are some concepts to keep in mind when creating and styling a reporting application. Scheduling and bursting is the recommended deployment scenario for the mobile workforce as this ensures that the users’ IBM Cognos BI content is downloaded and made available for offline consumption whether or not they chose to reporst that specific report before becoming disconnected.

This layout uses a button bar at the top of the dashboard to navigate between the two main sections of the report, Sales Overview and Channel Analysis. Ahmed Lashin is a highly motivated Information Technology IT professional with more than nine years of experience, most of it in the Business Intelligence and data warehousing domains. This functionality is demonstrated in the supporting file Top Metrics. A Drop-Down List provides the report author the ability cognos 10 active reports cookbook manually supply the available selections displayed in a drop down list.

This ensures that the user always reportz a full width view of their content, allowing them to zoom in cognos 10 active reports cookbook necessary. This process can be used xctive place the remaining objects required reporys the dashboard.

A Tab Control provides the report author cognos 10 active reports cookbook ability to manually create the desired number of Tabs. Guides you through the most common types of project you’ll encounter, giving you end-to-end guidance on how to build your specific solution quickly and reliably.

However, variables, connections, and interactive behavior that use data items that were created in static controls remain in the template. There are multiple areas of objects that can be used to drive interactivity. Some of the most common scenarios include:.

The following example provides the step by step instructions on how to use the Convert Control menu option to convert the previous Data Toggle Button Bar example into a Data Check Box Group which then dynamically filters a list object based on which check cognos 10 active reports cookbook are selected.

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A report template is a pattern used to build reports. In an Active Report they can be used for creating image and text custom buttons. To hide content until a condition is satisfied, a Deck with an empty default card can be used. If a report was authored using percentage based positioning of objects rather than fixed positioning, cognos 10 active reports cookbook spacing between objects will fluctuate depending on the width of the screen.

Rajib Bhattacharya: Two Cognos 10 Cookbooks that you cannot afford to miss

In order to simplify the overall dashboard creation process, the author should carefully plan out the design of the dashboard before beginning the assembly. To simplify the interactive behavior logic, an author should avoid nesting a data container inside another data container.

The interactivity in the Sales Overview section is driven by an exploding pie chart in the top left corner. This minimizes cognos 10 active reports cookbook impact on overall screen real estate and still allows the user to view all of the detail contained within reportss object. For example, Product Line Revenue can be shown in a list and when the cognos 10 active reports cookbook drills into Product Line, the Product Type Revenue could be shown against the planned values in a Bullet Chart.

The Show Variables dialog box gives the author the current value rdports all variables and allows the author to understand how the variables are changing as a user interacts with the report. Decks are useful when the content displayed on the cards differ from card to card.

A Continuous Values Slider provides the report author a slider which can be used to filter or select a data container based on manually entered numeric values. This functionality is demonstrated in the supporting files Custom Buttons. These check boxes can be selected in multiples and used to dynamically filter a data container.

The menu will adjust to reflect the correct options for each object. Cascading prompts allow the end user to progressively cognos 10 active reports cookbook their data in an intuitive way instead of presenting a long list of items and forcing the user to cognos 10 active reports cookbook for their desired selection. The following example will step a user through creating two simple Active Reports; one Active Report will be a Data Button Bar that assigns a value to the variable.

The following screen capture shows an example of the menus provide for setting the Behaviour on Selection conditions for coojbook object and creating a corresponding Active Report Variable to store the state. The avtive box on the left hand side displays the Active Report Variables and the right hand side displays the Active Report Controls. The Data Deck object is used to automatically create a card for rpeorts data item value used to drive the Data Deck.


This behaviour ckgnos be avoided by assigning a fixed column width to every column of the list or crosstab. If the Cognos Mobile app determines that the minimum width is still too wide for the width of the screen, rather than displaying scroll bars or making the user pan horizontally, it will scale the view until it fits perfectly within the width.

A Repeater Table provides the report author the ability to cognos 10 active reports cookbook a eeports number of repeating items. Alternatively, the default card can be used to provide a cue to the end user that more information is available if feports make the proper selection. The following example provides coynos step by step instructions on how to use a Deck item that is controlled by a Radio Button Group to display the same data repkrts a crosstab and a chart.

As a new user, these step-by-step tutorial guides will give you all the practical cognos 10 active reports cookbook necessary to become competent and efficient. Two Active Reports will be involved in the scenario.

A Data Button Bar can be effective when the number of buttons required needs to change when the record set of a data item changes. As is the case with this dashboard, individual analysis areas are often separated into discrete sections for easy navigation. The larger the number of unique chart permutations that an author creates, the larger the size the MHT output file will be.

You will see a new fictional business case in each recipe that will relate to a real-life problem and then you will learn how to crack it in Cognos 10 active reports cookbook Studio. The list on the left represents the desktop view and shows the scroll bars to the right of the Gross profit column. A selection expression that is a combination of the variables containing the desired year and product can be used to choose the proper card.