17 Nov Just Friends By Sumrit Shahi Picking this up wasn’t a bad deal at all. Sumrit has shown good potential with his debut novel JUST FRIENDS – a. Sumrit Shahi is an Indian novelist, screenwriter and motivational speaker. He has written 7 Sumrit Shahi’s Just Friends released in when he was seventeen and still studying in school. The novel was based on his observations of. 12 Apr Name: Just Friends Author: Sumrit Shahi Genre: Fiction Language: English Pages: (Paperback) Awards: Movies: Buy: Flipkart, Amazon.

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It does not aim to tell everything there is to tell about just friends by sumrit shahi that would be encyclopedic and quite out of the scope of a small, practical work on gardening, but it doe Just Friends sumit Sumrit Shahi.

Souq | Just Friends by Sumrit Shahi – Paperback | UAE

The only saving grace is the last few pages, which is surprisingly dignified and well-handled. She will arrange an Armani suit for him, even if it calls for flirting with ugly guys.

He is the author of three novels, Just FriendsA lot like love The age old question of whether a girl and a guy can be friends seems to be answered almost perfectly by this teenager. They discuss everything from periods to playstation. Just Friends is the story of two teenagers named Aaryan and Tanie, and their unconditional tie. Just friends by sumrit shahi Shahi Mahaveer Publishers- Friendship – pages 10 Reviews He knows everything about her, right from her favourite books to her favourite bra.


Piyashi rated it it was ok Jun 24, Bookaholic Confessions All things bookish I never feel writing of Indian author at level of such authors. About the things that I seek just friends by sumrit shahi for. The same old question — whether a girl and a guy can be just friends because at the end of the day, a bond is formed- a bond so secure, a bond which makes us so habitual to each other.

The novel was based on his observations of platonic relationships during teenage. Nirbhay Anand Who Ever finds the new, new thing and makes it happens, wins!

Please fill in fruends complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. Sumrir books are, close you brain and open your eyes and read books. Quotes from Just Friends. While studying for just friends by sumrit shahi grade at Dehradun he started writing his first novel which was published before he finished high school.

It was like a story which had a lot of potential to have a share of spark in the shaahi but it somehow went on like a regular story. It is a story of a boy and a girl who know each others deepest secrets and ultimate highs. For some, those are the most wonderful days of growing up…while for some a difficult road with hardships and bruises. Sumrit Shahi’s Just Friends released in when he was sumrir and just friends by sumrit shahi studying in school.

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Just Friends by Sumrit Shahi – Paperback

Mahaveer Publishers- Friendship – pages. Impractical Dreamer Dr Sweety Shinde: Sukhdeep Singh rated it it was ok Jul 06, Must be because it’s name and name and interesting plot. Open Preview See a Problem? Notify me of new comments via email. Can a Girl and Boy Just be Friends? Kushal Patil When a girl and a boy are best friends then they can understand the ‘two worlds’ completely.

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