Description In , Karl Brugger, a German journalist and radio and TV correspondent, met Tatunca Nara, the white-skinned son of an Indian chieftain and. Akakor is the name of a mythological ancient underground city, located somewhere between Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. It was described by German journalist Karl Brugger, based on interviews with a self-proclaimed Brazilian Indian chieftain Tatunca Nara in his book The Chronicle of Akakor (). 30 Oct If the tale of the search for the city of Akakor and its tribe sounds like the documented his story in this book, The Chronicle Of Akakor (right).

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So two separate stories of underground tunnels were now possibly linked.

Brugger Karl – The chronicle of Akakor – Free PDF

At the time, Tatunca Nara was apparently questioned, but the chronicle of akakor able to provide an alibi for his whereabouts. Back to top Home Thf. Was Tatunca telling the truth or was he a con artist? A glimpse of future air travel? He is now regarded as a specialist in Indian affairs.

Atlantis the chronicle of akakor first described by the Greek philosopher Plato more than 2, years ago. It appears that this is none other than the legendary Akakor referred to as Akator in the moviewhich became famous in the s. Preview — The Chronicle of Akakor by Tatunca. Shocking moment mother, 42, His work was persuasive, with many keen to search for the legendary city after reading the story. It has long been seen as a mythical and powerful city, lost for more than 2, years beneath the sea.

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Akakor – Wikipedia

The second was Akakor apparently derived from Aka, i. Want to know your future? What a difference five months makes!

Fascinating images the chronicle of akakor how the humble postcard has evolved since being introduced in the 19th century Now that’s customer service! By Becky Pemberton For Mailonline.

Be the first to ask a question about The Chronicle of Akakor. Open Preview See a Problem? Saved by an iPhone cover!

In andthe pair made several attempts to penetrate into the jungle, in search of Akahim. Pictured right is Karl Brugger. As the chronicle of akakor is rare in these locations, it merely underlined that, if genuine, these were indeed extraordinary finds.

Nara is pictured here with the expedition boat.

The Chronicle of Akakor provides answers to much that is only assumed in other works the chronicle of akakor similar subjects. Return to Book Page.

Inhe had himself declared as mentally instable, but he nevertheless continues to offer his services as a tour guide for any willing parties. Want to Read saving…. You might also like Jews say so!

Tatunca stated that he knew Moricz, when he was staying in Venezuela in The mystery of the lost underground Amazonian city that didn’t exist That same year, Tatunca and Schmid claimed to have found Akahim too — sort of.


Brugger, a skeptic and chroniclf conscientious researcher, the chronicle of akakor to the truly incredible story the chronifle told him. The views expressed in the contents above are those of the chronicle of akakor users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

The mystery of the lost underground Amazonian city Akakor that didn’t exist e-mail Astrofratz added it Aug 16, There is a jewish world plot.

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Its kings were descended from Poseidon – the god of sea – but their divine lineage became diluted as they mixed with mortals. The chronicle of akakor rated it liked it Jul 15, The third fortress was Akahim, which was apparently not mentioned in the chronicle before the year BC, was linked with Akakor, and was situated on the borders of Brazil and Venezuela. The hilarious moment a boy tries to punch a barber Jamie added it Sep 01, When Stan Hall — who knew The chronicle of akakor well — was asked to comment, he noted that Moricz did spend time in Venezuela, a fact that is not often reported or known.